MODx the easy to use content management system

modx developer

Today having a successful and competitive website means you need to keep it updated and fresh with new content on a regular basis, and if you are just a regular person with normal computer skills you don’t want to break the bank by having to go to your web developer each time you need to put up a new article, change a picture, a color, etc, it would be simply not viable. Thats why you need to use a content management system or how its typically referred to a CMS as the backend of your website.

A CMS allows you to update your website through a visual interface that requires no coding skills, making owning and managing websites more accessible. But there is a myriad of CMS to choose from, and you should make the decision of which one is the right for you in the early stages of planning your website as once you go into development it would be built on the CMS you choose and its no easy task to change over to a different CMS in case you are not happy or have problems with the one you are using.

MODx content management system is considered one of the easiest CMS to use without compromising freedom and robustness, and its also open source so its free to use. Millions of websites use it as their CMS because its flexible and powerful. You get a platform that puts no restrictions on how you want your website to look as it lets you customise virtually everything.

Also is very important that your website is mobile ready, as you may know mobile internet users are surpassing desktop users so your website should be able to be accessed perfectly on mobile screens. MODx is fully mobile responsive, this means that your website and all your content will visually adapt to the size of the screen its navigating it, and you can rest assured that your visitors will have a great experience no matter what device they are using.

One of the main advantages os MODx is that unlike other CMS as WordPress or Drupal it gives total freddom to create templates and make them look just how you want them to, unlike WordPress that makes the process of creating templates a complicated one.

And if you don’t want to design and just want to get right into adding content and having your website up and running you can install a theme, which is a package including designs and graphics ready to go and you just add some content. You can either buy or get one for free.

Also if you are a more advanced user with coding skills, MODx makes a perfect time saver as it lets you create and manage websites with much more complex functions integrating Javascript libraries and embed PHP through a visual interface.