Managing content in your mobile apps

If you had an app developed by a company or a freelance developer and its a content based app like for example an app with traditional aussie recipes, you will definitely want to keep it updated with new recipes and content, this way you engage your users and generate what is regarded as user retention, which is one of the most important or even the most important thing when having an app.

And when it comes to content based apps what drives more engagement and retention is fresh content, the user downloaded your app in the first place because maybe he was looking for an specific piece of content, but he will most definitely be interested in other content in the app and once he starts consuming all of it he will expect more and if he gets it you have one happy engaged user that will probably drive organic installs to your app by giving you good in store reviews and recommending his friends to install it.

But managing and updating content in a mobile app its no so simple as doing it for a website as the app is submitted to the App Store or Google Play Store and with the recipe app example in mind it would not be practical to submit a new release of your app everytime you add a new recipe or even want to do some corrections to ingredients quantities.

The solution is to integrate in the early development process a mobile content management system that will allow you to push new content to your app. There several options to choose from all at different prices and its a decision that should be made with your app developer as he has to be able to integrate the MCMS successfully to your app and you should be able to use it effectively afterwards.

There is already a good amount of content management systems that are able to manage and deliver content to mobile apps. Some of them feature extra useful stuff like tracking to benchmark how engaging your content is, teams creation so you can invite other persons to collaborate and work with you and data analysis to suggest you where you can do improvements.

Some top of the line CMS even integrate web and mobile, so you can have all your properties in one place and dashboard. You may even have some users that are have installed your app and are also visiting your website and you can keep track of them and their interactions across your apps and sites, gaining insightful data that can allow you to improve your content strategy.

When I needed to develop my song lyrics app some time ago I knew that I would had to keep updating it with new songs and since my skills in app development are not that comprehensive I decided to look for australian app developers to help me integrate the right mobile content management system to it. I finally used a cloud based content management system and I even got it configured to check the top billboards and suggest me new songs to include based on their rankings.