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Checkbox Template Variable to Toggle a Page Element Display

Template Variables are most often used as custom content variables, however, you can also use a TV to build a custom manager User Interface. A developer can use this approach to expand the range of an individual template by defining regions with variable display properties that can be altered via the MODx Manager. In this article we will use a checkbox type TV to toggle the display of an element on the website front-end. full article >>

The Wrapper Snippet: Run a Snippet From Within Another Snippet

There are several situations where having the ability to execute a snippet directly from within another snippet will prove to be ideal for the situation at hand. This concept is commonly referred to as a Wrapper Snippet. In this article we will see how to do this and explore a live example of a wrapper snippet. full article >>

Introduction to the MODx API (0.9.6.x)

You have seen it discussed and you have experienced it working in the the resources you use in every MODx project. I'm talking about the MODx API. But what is it and what can it do for you? The MODx API provides an interface for developers to access and interact with the MODx data model at various levels. From checking user status to parsing document content, it's all in the API. full article >>

Developing a utility snippet

Chances are, sometime during your MODx development experience, you will encounter a scenario where you need to have your template do something beyond processing dynamic content placeholders. Sure you can create additional templates for each purpose. But do we really want to use an extra template just to change the way the title it displayed? This is where a "utility snippet" shines. full article >>

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